My Journey

 I Started my Journey in 2011. In the beginning, I had a completely different idea of my career path. The plan was to attend laser hair & tattoo removal school and work on the medical side of the industry. Fate had a different plan, one day in class they had a Lash demonstration and, I was hooked! I was obsessed with learning everything I could about lashes. Those who know me, know that I love to research-everything! So, one day I came across Microblading and that was the beginning of a new obsession! I researched all the state laws and learned everything I could about Microblading This led me to researching permanent cosmetic schools and as you can imagine, these schools are very expensive and the level of training varies greatly but, I found one I believe in-tattoo school here I come! It was grueling, and overwhelming, but so much fun! I was lucky enough to attend class with an amazing teacher, who is world renowned for her reconstructive talents in this permanent cosmetic industry.  

  The intensive training in permanent cosmetics was an amazing education. My education included permanent cosmetics, reconstructive tattooing, scar removal and much more. My focus was in the beginning was on Microblading, but as with everything on this journey my obsession changed focus. I offer Microblading but it’s not my first choice, while in school I was taught several different techniques to apply pigment to the skin, and I fell in love with something called soft tap. Soft tap is a manual technique similar to microblading but does not cause scar tissue. In my opinion, the results of soft tap are softer and more natural looking then microblading.

My Favorite Procedures..

  My favorite service to perform is Soft Tapped Eyelash Enhancement. Not to be confused with eyeliner, this is a soft line tapped into the lash line. I love the quite sexiness it achieves. Eyelash enhancement makes your lash line look bolder and fuller without adding the drama of eyeliner for an everyday look, saves time in the morning routine, and yet still so easy to add more drama by just adding eyeliner. It looks great on women of all ages. The procedure takes about an hour, and it’s affordable! I also offer a soft powder filled permanent brow and full lip or lip liner.  I have a true passion for enhancing your natural beauty. I think it’s extremely important to stay current and up to date on all beauty trends and techniques I’m always continuing my education and skills.

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